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Light Spoke Lights

Introducing the newest product from LED Bike Kit.net, LED Spoke Lights. These lights are super bright, come in fun colors and are guaranteed to grab the attention of drivers and pedestrians alike. They are installed in about 20 minutes.

The battery tube mounts to the spoke hub in the center of the rim, to avoid any snags of wires. Simple thread the lights in and out of the spokes wrapping the wire around every other spoke ( or each spoke one time) for a super secure connection. When you get to the end of the wire, simply wrap it around that spoke a few wraps and you're done! We advise you install the batteries into the battery holder before installation to make things smoother. The LED Spoke lights come WITH batteries and a rubber grip pad for the center hub. Simple wipe the center hub down with an alcohol swap and attach the rubber grip pad to the HUB. Then while pressing the battery tube against the grip pad, tighten the provided zip ties down around the hub; locking your battery tube in place.

Red LED Spoke LightsWhite LED Spoke Lights


Blue and Green LED Spoke LightsPurple LED Spoke Lights

2 Bikes LED Spoke LightsGroup of LED Spoke Lights

Group Shot 2


$24.99 + Shipping ($6.00 USA Only)

We use USPS Priority Mail

This price will include your choice of two colors. There is only one strand of LED lights per box and you will get TWO boxes per order. Ordering this will get you a total of 2 strands of LED lights, which is enough for ONE bicycle.

Choose Your 1st LED Color
Choose Your 2nd LED Color