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LED Turn Signal Vest

Introducing the brand new LED Turn Signal Vest. From prototype to production. The newest must have innovative safety item for serious riders. With it's super bright 48 LED array and reflective material, to its super long 23 hour continuous runtime. The LED Turn Signal Vest is sure to turn heads everywhere. With rider safety in mind it comes with a wireless 2.4Ghz remote control that is installed next to the riders thumbs so that they never need to take their hands off the hand grip to signal to other drivers and riders their intentions when driving. Whether it be turning, stopping or just biking, this LED vest is top notch.

The LED vest is very simple to operate. Initally after the vest is sync'd with the remote, left button makes the left arrow flash. Right button makes the right arrow flash. Straight ahead arrow, makes the vest's straight arrow flash to let drivers know you're going straight at an intersection. When coming to a stop, the red stop button causes the vest to flash the caution symbol to warn drivers of your intentions. All while providing the rider valuable feedback, the vest signals back to the remote to let it know it has received the signal and the remote blinks the button pressed 3 times in unison with the vest to make sure the rider knows what button they pushed. It also has a very convient flashlight button that lights up the remote so you can see the buttons at night and in dark or foggy situations.

Package Contains

Remote and Instructions

Vest Front

Vest Back

Vest Forward

Vest Left

Vest Right

Vest Stop

Vest Charging Cable


$50.00 + Shipping ($6.00 USA Only)

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