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Pictures of our LED Kit components

4x or 8x 12" Strips of 5050 SMD Waterproof(IP68) LED's of your color choice. Professionally soldered and heat shrink wrapped with polyolefin. Each strip is tested before it is packaged up and mailed to you.

LED Strips Basic
2x or 4x 18" extension cables for your led strips. Perfect for people with really large frames or those that might even have tandem bikes. Connect these to your LED strips to get extra length if you need it. Can also be used to hookup larger battery packs.
LED Strip Extension Cables

1x Wiring Harness professionally soldered and crimped and shrink wrapped. IP67 (water resistant)

Comes with 8 connections for 4 LED Strips(2 connections +pos -neg) for each strip.


Comes with 16 connections for 8 LED Strips(2 connections +pos -neg) for each strip.

LED Strobe Harness

1x 12volt Battery Holder ( 8x AA Batteries)

Injection molded ABS plastic with wires and connectors crimped & or soldered on.

12v Battery Holder
20 Zip Ties ( 10x 8" 10x 11")
Zip Ties