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Advanced LED Bike Kit
Kit Includes

2x 12v Battery Holder(s) (used with 8AA Batteries @ 1.5v/each)
2x Pack of Zip Ties (10x 8", 10x 11")
8 LED connector Wiring Harness and LED Controller
4x 18" Extension Cables
8x 12" LED Strips (choose your colors: red,green,blue,white,yellow)
1x Quick Start Guide with step by step installation instructions

Basic LED Kit

Pretty much double everything you see here in the picture.

$90 + Shipping ($7.20 USA Only) (4-5 day lead time)

We use USPS Priority Mail

Type in what 8 LED Strip colors you want.

Colors Available: red,green,blue,white
(If no colors are specified then the default red and white will ship.)