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About LED Bike Kit.net

So we have always loved to ride at night but in our town we see tons of car accidents from motorists not seeing bike riders at night and running them off the road or straight up slamming into them when they are facing them sideways crossing the crosswalk. We wanted to make sure this doesn't happen to you, so we decided to lower the chances of it happening to people everywhere by making them more visible at night. We thought up these LED frame light kits over a 5 month period. We ordered our competitors kits and sampled parts from 8 different LED manufacturers until we put together a kit that we absolutely loved.

To start with, these kits are bright as hell and will light up the path as you ride. Secondly, none of the other kits we ordered used waterproof LED's, so our kits LED's are waterproof. You never know when a rainstorm is going to pop up out of the blue and ruin your lighting solution. Last but not least these kits are hand made by people that have a real passion for biking and electronics. We are down to earth people and not some faceless corporation that only cares about the bottom dollar.

We will do our best to make your experience with our company a pleasant one. If there is anything we can do to improve our site or our LED kits, please don't hesitate to call or email us with your comments and concerns. We ship out orders daily. We don't make promises on shipping or fabrication times, especially for complex and custom orders. But if you are ever in need of a custom part for your LED kit, call or email us. We make so many of these kits, that we may have already heard or seen your same idea on someone else's custom order. Again all these orders are hand made right here in Florida, and from time to time we may get backlogged with orders. We always do our best to get as many as we can sent out each day after each kit is rigoriously tested.